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Two of Leigh Road’s shining lights are now working together. SafeRock Minerals have teamed up with Swan Creative to raise awareness around their role in agricultural sustainability and promote the messaging around their case studies.

Saferock Minerals - Preventing Soil Degradation

Saferock Minerals – Preventing Soil Degradation

Saferock are trying to improve soil structure and quality in many areas of the world, and prevent soil degradation occurring, where possible.


SafeRock® Minerals Ltd is at the forefront of agricultural sustainability in its efforts to provide a natural solution to the global crisis of soil degradation.

Our resource, SafeRock® Minerals has been certified for use in organic agriculture as a mineral soil conditioner. The minerals are 100 per cent recoverable with nothing added or taken away in the process. The rock is blasted and mechanically crushed to a powder, before being transported to Belfast dock for shipping.

The geological reports inform us that this unique blend of minerals originated from the ocean floor south of the Equator millions of years ago. The convergence of the Mid-Atlantic plates caused a shelf of sandstone perhaps some 600 metres thick to journey up from the ocean bed and be deposited on the continent we now know as North America and Greenland. The formation of Europe had a late arrival of land that came from this continent and now forms part of the British Isles, in particular Ireland and Scotland.

The Mineral Analysis carried out by SGS shows that our mineral resource holds a unique blend of minerals and nutrients which provide a natural solution to help mitigate the global crisis of soil degradation. It also contains many of the minerals and trace elements essential for healthy crops and livestock and helps to stimulate increased microbial and earthworm activity.

The results from the trials have shown that the SafeRock® Minerals. improved the nutrient efficiency of the soil, and improved the quality and quantity of produce. SafeRock® Minerals. has been fully tested and trialled having been used in a number of growing conditions, climates and soils across the world. Trials have also been carried out in a variety of settings from glasshouses to farmland. These trials have proven better plant growth, water infiltration and retention, increased yield, improved long-term soil quality, and reduced loss of nutrients in soil.

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